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2 DVD Set (Spanish: The Basics /Learn French)

Spanish: The Basics (DVD)—You will be entertained by this product, and you'll learn an astonishing amount of Spanish. And because the material is presented by actors and comedians in a humorous and straightforward way, it's remarkably entertaining and easy to follow. You'll start with the Spanish alphabet and then learn lots of vocabulary, pronunciations, punctuation, and grammar. You'll learn everything from counting and personal greetings to verb conjugations, pronouns, and articles, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 90 minutes.

Learn French (DVD)—You'll learn everything from proper pronunciation of basic words and phrases to verb conjugation, and more. You'll develop a significant vocabulary, and you'll have fun in the process. Unlike typical classroom French, this instruction is remarkably entertaining, so much so that you'll learn without even trying! And you'll be exposed to a variety of French speakers in the process, which makes it easier to understand and learn the language. This DVD features professional actors who are accomplished French speakers, and it's full of helpful tricks for remembering and speaking the language. Learn at your own pace in your own home with this excellent product—satisfaction guaranteed. Runtime is approximately 81 minutes.