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2 DVD Set (Psychology /Marketing)

2 DVD Set (Psychology /Marketing)

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Psychology – With this DVD you'll learn a tremendous amount about how the mind works. You'll learn about memory, cognitive development, social development, personality development, motivation, emotion, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, positive & negative reinforcement, social learning, defense mechanisms, and much much more. This is an incredibly comprehensive DVD. The material is presented by actors and comedians, so it makes learning the material even more enjoyable, and I guarantee you'll find the subject matter fascinating. Total runtime is approximately 122 minutes.

Marketing—With this DVD you'll see how marketing experts position products and appeal to customers. You'll learn the tricks and techniques that are used by industry leaders. The science of marketing is as fascinating as psychology, and the applications extend into numerous aspects of your everyday life. Find out now just how pervasive marketing is in today's society, and how you can use marketing to your advantage. You will be impressed, intrigued, and highly entertained by this product. Total runtime is approximately 85 minutes.