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2 DVD Set (Moving to Mozart / Stretching for Seniors)

Moving to Mozart—Enjoy timeless classics from Mozart as you improve flexibility for all activities in your life. Ann Smith's innovative exercise system has won her thousands of fans through sold-out classes, lectures, and bestselling videos. Based on the stretches dancers use to stay limber and set to beautiful music, her exercises are safe and effective for all ages.


Stretching for Seniors—It's not just for seniors—now you can stretch your way to greater strength, flexibility and vitality with this easy-to-follow video. You'll be guided through a series of gentle stretching movements for your entire body. You can exercise at your own relaxed pace in the comfort of your home. No special equipment is needed. It's great for everyone, even arthritis sufferers and people with osteoporosis! You can improve the way you look and feel—and the quality of your life—with this marvelous program.