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2 DVD Set (Legends of Baseball: America's Pastime /Babe Ruth)

2 DVD Set (Legends of Baseball: America's Pastime /Babe Ruth)

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Legends of Baseball: America's Pastime contains two features on one DVD. The Jackie Robinson Story (starring Jackie Robinson as himself!) was filmed during his early baseball career, providing a rare look at history as it was happening. The obstacles that Jackie Robinson had to overcome were monumental as he paved the way for integration of our national pastime. Here's your opportunity to see Jackie Robinson as he was in his prime, as captured in film that was recorded as history was being made. Please note that The Jackie Robinson Story is an actual piece of history, made in 1950, and as such it contains some inappropriate inflammatory and racial language—viewer discretion is advised. The second movie in this double-feature DVD is The Lou Gehrig Story. This classic film contains a combination of drama and actual newsreel footage to capture the essence of the man and his times. You'll get an up close look at this baseball legend, perhaps the greatest first baseman who ever played the game. In addition to Gehrig's iconic career, you'll see his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium, perhaps the most famous baseball speech ever.

Babe Ruth DVD— You'll see the Babe on the field, at home, and even in old Hollywood films. From his early childhood in Baltimore to the infamous 1919 sale by the Boston Red Sox to his glory years with the New York Yankees, this DVD takes an in-depth look at the immortal slugger who swatted his way into the hearts of baseball fans forever. I'm a Babe Ruth fan, so I simply had to watch this DVD, and I was pleased with the amount of original Babe Ruth film that I had never seen before. As one baseball fan to another, I can tell you that you're going to like this DVD.