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2 DVD Set (Learn World Geography /Geology)

Learn World Geography—Experience the diverse histories, cultures and physical characteristics of distant (and not-so-distant) regions of our world—from North America to Europe and Africa! Your in-depth guided tour will include everything from topography and climate to historically significant events, and even a glimpse at everyday life. You will be entertained and educated by this DVD. Total runtime is approximately 90 minutes.

Geology—This DVD is quite simply the history of Earth. Explore the mysteries that scientists unravel to understand how Earth has evolved. You'll learn everything from absolute and relative dating and the geologic time scale to the fundamental principles of Geology. You'll learn about minerals, crystalline structures, and different types of rocks, and all about volcanoes and lava. This entertaining and informative product features actors and professional comedians to ensure fun learning. You will be impressed, intrigued, and highly entertained by this product.