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2 DVD Set (Learn Biology /Statistics 1)

2 DVD Set (Learn Biology /Statistics 1)

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Learn Biology DVD – If you want to understand Biology, then you should get this disc. The format is highly entertaining with actors/comedians presenting the material in a humorous but straightforward way that makes it easy to learn and remember. Topics include: genes, atoms, proteins & protein formation, anatomy of a cell, procaryote-eukaryote, cell structures, DNA, RNA, mRNA, protein shape-function, tRNA, passive & active transport, endocytosis, cell growth, meiosis & mitosis, metabolism, principle of segregation, principle of independent assortment, oxidation-reduction, photosynthesis, ATP, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 128 minutes.

Statistics 1 DVD—This DVD is like learning a magician's secrets—what once was baffling becomes clear and simple. Topics include: mean calculations, median calculations, mode, the distribution curve, standard deviation calculation and relevance, population for statistical analysis, samples for statistical analysis, stem-and-leaf displays to graphically depict data, and much more. Total runtime is approximately 122 minutes.