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2 DVD Set (Holiday TV Classics Disc 4 /Holiday Family Favorites Disc 4)

Holiday Christmas Classics DVD — Movies and Television (Disc 4) – These are some of the best Christmas classics ever made. Here's what you get: A Dickens Christmas Carol narrated by Vincent Price (1949), The Ruggles (1952), The Bolger Show (1953), Liberace (1954), Long John Silver (1955), Meet Corliss Archer (1954), Annie Oakley (1956), A String of Blue Beads (1953), Dupont Theatre (1956), Four Star Playhouse The Answer (1955), Four Star Playhouse The Gift (1953), and A Child is Born (1956). Total runtime is 5 hours 29 minutes.

Holiday Family Favorite Classics DVD — Christmas Movies (Disc 4) – This collection is four highly entertaining movies on one DVD. Here's what you get: The Great Rupert starring Jimmy Durante (1950), Beyond Tomorrow (1940), The Pilgrimage Play (1949), The Miracle on 34th Street (1955). These are all classic Christmas movies that have withstood the test of time and have been enjoyed by generations. Total runtime is 5 hours 9 minutes.

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