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2 DVD Set (Exotic Africa /Tropical Splendor)

It's like your own private window into bird sanctuaries and exotic jungles. These two DVDs transform your TV into a window of nature that's truly spectacular—I guarantee it!

Of the nearly 1000 different products that I have marketed over the years, Exotic Africa is the #1 product that I recommend. If you ever purchase just one product from my company, I urge you to make it this one. There's simply nothing like it in terms of quality, versatility, and universal appeal. Exotic Africa combines truly amazing photographs of African wildlife, nature, and birds, accompanied by the very best in classical music. You'll see lemurs from Madagascar, baby elephants exploring their new world, the remarkably brilliant eight-colored lilac-breasted roller bird, spectacular scenery, and so much more. There are 242 stunning images, set to the best of Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Chopin, and Vivaldi. Each of the 242 images is better than what you get with framed, photographic artwork—all 242 have been individually optimized for television viewing—you will be impressed. Use it as background entertainment, add sophistication to any room or event, and brighten any occasion. It's the perfect mood enhancement for both casual and formal entertaining. Everyone in my family loves this product. 


Tropical Splendor will fill your home with tropical flowers, birds, and music.  More than 200 stunning images—hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, butterflies, orchids—are choreographed to the music of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin. It makes any room more vibrant, alive, exciting, and inviting. It's perfect with morning coffee, and great when friends visit. It relaxes me after work and boosts my mood anytime.  At bedtime, it's better than a book.  And it even entertains my kids.
I am the photographer and publisher—you can't get these products anywhere else. They run on any DVD player and TV.