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2 DVD Set (Classic Mystery Movies DVD /Alfred Hitchcock Classics Disc 4)

Classic Mystery Movies – The first movie is Quicksand (1950) starring Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre. Quicksand is about a twenty dollar theft that ends up spiraling out of control. Runtime for Quicksand is 1 hour 19 minutes. The second movie is Eyes in the Night (1942) starring Donna Reed and Edward Arnold. Eyes in the Night is about a blind detective who uncovers a Nazi plot. Runtime for Eyes in the Night is 1 hour 20 minutes. Both of these movies are intriguing and enjoyable, and appropriate for the entire family.

Alfred Hitchcock Classics (Disc 4) – Get 5 Alfred Hitchcock feature films (The Man who Knew Too Much, Juno and the Paycock, Sabotage, The Skin Game, and Number 17) plus an extra 54 minutes of theatrical trailers from Hitchcock's most famous movies. Total run time 7 hours 19 minutes.