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2 DVD Set (Classic Family Television 1 /Classic Family Television 2)

Classic Family Television Library — This disc contains the following eight classics: The Edgar Bergen Show (Thanksgiving show 1950), The Milton Berle Show (5 episodes featuring Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ronald Reagan, Jackie Cooper, Danny Thomas, Peter Lawford, Carol Channing, and more), and two episodes of Lassie from 1956 (The Trial, and The Treehouse). Total run time is approximately 6 hours 12 minutes. These are highly entertaining TV classics that the entire family will enjoy. You will be pleased with this product.

Classic Family Television Library II—This DVD contains a total of 14 episodes from four classic shows: 5 episodes of Make Room for Daddy (which aired for 12 years from 1953 through 1964), 2 episodes of The Life of Riley (Babs' School Election and Riley's Operation), 6 episodes of Life With Elizabeth (Betty White earned an Emmy Award for her work on this series), and 1 episode (Coke Time) from The Eddie Fisher Show. Total run time is approximately 6 hours 4 minutes.