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2 DVD Arthritis Treatment Set (Exercise Beats Arthritis /More Exercise Beats Arthritis)

Exercise Beats Arthritis DVD—Current medical and scientific evidence shows that the right kind of exercise is one of the most useful and direct ways of minimizing the pain and limitations of arthritis. Exercise Beats Arthritis shows you easy and safe movements, for all the joints in the body, in a way that is also very enjoyable and without the need for any special equipment. The exercise program in this DVD should contribute to greater joint mobility and function, the nourishment of joints, increased strength of muscles and bones, improvements in posture, balance and coordination, and the relief of muscle tension, stress, and anxiety.

More Exercise Beats Arthritis DVD contains eight chapters that build upon the previous disc. These include: Getting Going, Moving Faster, Moving Even Faster, A Fun Routine, Getting Stronger, Getting Even Stronger, Stretching Out, and Letting Go. Exercise is an essential part of therapeutic approach for arthritis, and this product shows you the right kind of exercise. Take control of your life again by embarking on this specially designed system.

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