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2 Disc Set (Learn Public Speaking DVD /Super Self Confidence Audio CD)

2 Disc Set (Learn Public Speaking DVD /Super Self Confidence Audio CD)

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There are times in our lives when we have to stand up and speak, and Public Speaking DVD is made for those times. It's fun, it's easy, and it's remarkably effective. The format is highly entertaining with actors/comedians presenting the material in a humorous but straightforward way that makes it easy to learn and remember. This DVD gives you four simple tips to speak with confidence, plus it shows you how to deliver a speech with style. You'll learn a five-step plan that brings the audience to your side, and you'll learn the finer details of effective speech. I guarantee you'll be pleased with this product. Total runtime is approximately 60 minutes.

Super Self Confidence (Audio CD) is designed to build self confidence in meeting people, communicating clearly and effectively, and being self-assured. You'll find that improved self confidence reduces stress, and promotes accomplishment and well-being. This audio CD contains hypnotic affirmations designed to put you into the right frame of mind to achieve the results you desire for improved self confidence. It starts with a brief introduction followed by approximately 20 minutes of affirmations and 10 minutes of soothing sound effects. This is not a "how-to" product, but rather one that is designed to enable you to tap into your own natural abilities. If you've never heard this type of audio CD, I encourage you to give it a try—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.