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2 Disc Set (IQ Builder CD-ROM /Our Memory DVD)

2 Disc Set (IQ Builder CD-ROM /Our Memory DVD)

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IQ Builder is a truly one-of-a-kind CD-ROM software program specifically designed to boost your IQ. It is designed to exercise and enhance problem solving, reasoning, and critical thinking. By using IQ Builder you will discover/build shortcuts in mental processes that enable you to solve problems more efficiently, and you will develop your skill of finding solutions in complex and confusing situations. The mental flexibility and dexterity that this product promotes is beneficial in so many ways—get it now and see for yourself.

Our Memory is a DVD that explores the abilities of the mind. It has fifteen chapters that explain how our mind works, including how individuals overcome handicaps by compensating with other senses and abilities, how our memory functions, and how best to make decisions. The chapter on making decisions is what convinced me to license this DVD and offer it to my friends and family, as well as my customers. There's a great deal of fascinating and insightful information in the product.

IQ Builder CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Our Memory DVD is compatible with DVD players throughout the USA to view on your television (or on a computer).