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2 Disc Set (20th Century Day by Day /Greatest Inventions 3D)

2 Disc Set (20th Century Day by Day /Greatest Inventions 3D)

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Pick a time or event in history and 20th Century Day by Day takes you there. For example, the royal wedding—July 29, 1981: the newspaper has a front-page photo that comes alive as a full-color video of Prince Charles with Lady Diana on that day. Curious about people?—Watch slideshows of famous movie stars throughout the history of film (and view their biographies and related articles). See photos and biographies of athletes and celebrities, artists and musicians, scientists, inventors, explorers, and world leaders—Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon—fascinating people, incredible stories. Then check out the 20th Century in Focus to explore key concepts in depth—space exploration, the Depression, the fall of communism, and much more. This CD-ROM is packed with videos, archival sound clips, thousands of photographs, and thousands of news stories. You will be pleased with this product. 

Experience the impact of innovations with Greatest Inventions 3D. This CD-ROM is packed with 3D objects, videos, printable photographs, animations, slide shows, drawings, and much more. Unlike other products you'll find, this CD-ROM offers a unique 3D experience. For example, you can literally look all around the space shuttle and even inside of it. Explore famous machines and find out about the inventors who created them. Discover how inventions relate to one another chronologically via a technological timeline that begins at 5000 BC. Great Inventions 3D is perfect for curious minds of all ages.

These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows XP compatible.