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(2 CD-ROM Set) Visual Language Learning: Chinese /Speak & Learn Japanese

(2 CD-ROM Set) Visual Language Learning: Chinese /Speak & Learn Japanese

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When learning a new language, your mind naturally wants to form visual associations with words. Visual Language Learning: Chinese makes it easy. Simply roll your mouse over an object in a picture to view the Chinese written word and hear the Chinese translation. Learn what you want, when you want, as you explore the different sections of this product. Learn Chinese vocabulary and concepts, everything from common places and situations to time and family. Real photographs illustrate the relationships in a family tree and give the Chinese translation for each family member. Fun and easy to use, this product is appropriate for all ages.

Speak & Learn Japanese is the easy and entertaining way to learn a new language. This product immerses you in Japanese by combining images, animations, audio, and text. In the Learn Mode, animations and graphics show you the meanings of words and phrases while you explore common places, such as the supermarket, a restaurant, and city streets. The Game Mode makes learning fun by challenging you to match the pictures to the words you hear. You can even compare yourself with native speakers by using the record function (assuming your computer is one of the many with a built-in or attached microphone). Learning a new language has never been this much fun.

These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).