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(2 CD-ROM Set) Reader Rabbit: I Can Read with Phonics! /Woobie's World of Phonics

(2 CD-ROM Set) Reader Rabbit: I Can Read with Phonics! /Woobie's World of Phonics

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Reader Rabbit: I Can Read with Phonics! — If you're not familiar with Reader Rabbit, you should be. It is arguably the best brand of reading products, and this particular CD-ROM is especially good. It is actually two programs in one: "Road to Imagination" and "Word Station." The first is a series of 15 levels with two stories each. Each story is interactive reading with many short amusing animations and a mini game designed to promote word and sound recognition. The "Word Station" game is a collection of four word games: Word Mine, Vowel Pond, Match Patch, and Alphabet Dance. Each of these four games has four levels of interactive fun learning.

Woobie's World of Phonics — Follow along as Woobie goes to school and learns all about the way sounds and words work, from vowels and consonants to spelling rules. Everywhere he goes there are phonics lessons and fun exercises to reinforce learning. If you need help, Woobie is there every step of the way, with helpful hints and reminders. The sounds and animations make this a CD-ROM that kids will want to play again and again.

Reader Rabbit is Windows (including XP, 32-bit Vista and 32-bit 7) compatible. Woobie's World of Phonics is Windows (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) compatible.