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2 CD-ROM Set (Puzzle Championship /Tangram)

2 CD-ROM Set (Puzzle Championship /Tangram)

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Puzzle Championship takes jigsaw puzzles to a whole new level. This is one of the best, most user-friendly jigsaw puzzle collections ever created. Choose from over 600 different images for your puzzle, or use your own pictures. Select the number of pieces, anywhere from 4 to over 5,000 pieces! You can even choose from six different styles of pieces, and five different levels of difficulty. You will be impressed with the options and degree of customization you can enjoy with this product.

Tangram contains hundreds of puzzles in three game areas: Shards of Diamond, From Box to Shadow, and Piece with Others. A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle with geometric pieces that you assemble into the shape of animals, objects, and designs. Play with friends or against the clock, choose the look you want (wood, marble, or steel pieces), and be prepared for an exciting challenge!

These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.