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2 CD-ROM Set (Photo Workstudio /Photo Montage Studio)

Photo Workstudio makes it easy to organize, print, and edit your digital images. It's like having a complete darkroom and editing shop at your fingertips. Retouch your images in a snap with easy-to-use tools that allow you to adjust size, color, and blur, create layered effects, or even add visual effects. Turn ordinary photos into captivating keepsakes that everyone will enjoy. With this product you can also easily organize your photos and send them to family and friends by email, and print images from your digital camera.

We've all seen it somewhere—an image of a famous person or photograph, made up of thousands of other tiny photographs. Up close you see a collage of images, but when you step back, they melt into one. Now, with Photo Montage Studio, you have a chance to put your personal touch on a famous image, or turn your memories into unique keepsakes. Make any picture into a masterpiece using hundreds, or even thousands, of different mini-photos as "tiles". Choose tiles from the more than 1,000 mini-photos included, or create your own personal library of mini-photos. You can print your finished work any size you wish—from wallet to poster.

These 2 CD-ROM products are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).