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2 CD-ROM Set (docLock / Lightning PDF Converter Pro 7)

docLock is the fast and easy way to keep your valuable and personal files private and secure. It keeps your documents, files, photos, and just about anything else on your computer safe and within your complete control. You choose who sees what—it's as simple as that. In addition this product performs three other remarkably useful functions: (1) it manages your passwords in a simple, effective manner, (2) it enables file compression for efficient storage of data, and (3) it securely deletes files when you choose to eliminate them. With docLock, you can securely email your locked files, and as long as the person receiving the file has the password, they'll be able to open it. If your email is intercepted, it's still safe and secure because of the sophisticated features of docLock. With dockLock, you can quit worrying about your document/file security, and you can quit trusting your luck. Everyone with a Windows PC should own this product.


Lightning PDF Converter Pro 7— Open and edit locked documents and images. Gain control of email/online documents and more! It's lightning fast and easy to use—you'll be amazed at what you can do. Your word processing files, email documents/attachments, and web and online PDF documents are under your total control with this product. Create, convert, open, and edit 300+ file types. Unlock and even enhance photos, modify text, change fonts and colors, edit, rotate and crop PDF pages. There are even tools for adding drawings and interactive links and bookmarks. It also converts PDF files back to fully-formatted documents. It's compatible with Microsoft® Office but is universally read and printed—your letters, documents, newsletters, contracts, records, résumés, and virtually anything else will be viewed exactly the way you intend. And you can add encryption, password protection, watermarks, and digital certificates to secure your documents. In today's world, everyone should own this product.


These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).