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2 CD-ROM Set (DK Dinosaur Hunter /DK Earth Quest)

DK Dinosaur Hunter has 30 interactive 3D consoles, 50 featured dinosaurs, 15 video segments, and 340 fully rendered views—this is a truly immersive experience.  You'll even visit a virtual excavation site and unearth dinosaur bones to recreate your own dinosaurs. You'll go deep underground to explore excavation chambers and dig up and assemble buried bones "alongside" the world's top paleontologists—a 3D experience you won't want to miss. Zoom right in to every detail of a dinosaur with the interactive scrolling X-ray panels, and view fascinating dinosaur animations. This product is a "must have" for anyone interested in dinosaurs. 

With DK Earth Quest, you can build virtual volcano's and make them erupt, or you can activate virtual earthquakes (and yes, you control the magnitude, focus and epicenter). Next, take a tour of the gem room where you will see and learn about the most famous gems and jewelry in the world (including the Hope Diamond, the Anna Case Mackay Necklace with its huge 168 carat emerald, and the Marie Louise Diadem, which contains more than 1000 diamonds). Learn about extra-terrestrial rocks, or explore the mine to learn about gold, platinum, rubies, emeralds and much more. Watch videos of Earth's activities, including lava eruptions, geysers, and an avalanche caught on video. In addition, there are vast information sections with videos, photos and illustrations for you to learn about the Earth from the inside out. If that's not enough, with this program you can construct your own 3D gems, and it even has a section where you can design your own stationery, postcards, labels and greeting cards. 

FYI, "DK" stands for Dorling Kindersley, one of the absolute best names in educational products.
These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows XP compatible.