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2 CD-ROM Set (Chinese Chess Deluxe /Chinese Strategy Games)

Chinese Chess Deluxe is a game of pure strategy. Like chess, the object of the game is to checkmate the king, and two players each have sixteen pieces, but everything else is quite different. Each player has five pawns, two cannons, two rooks, two knights, two ministers, two guards, and a king, and the board consists of ten rows and nine columns. The game is relatively easy to learn at a basic level, but it has even more intricacies and possibilities than traditional chess. You can play against a friend or against the computer—either way it's fun and it's challenging. Unlike traditional chess, where you know your opening moves and familiar situations, Chinese Chess Deluxe is an opportunity for pure thinking—give it a try.

Chinese Strategy Games—Here's your chance to learn and play games from two of the oldest cultures in the world, China and Japan: Chinese Chess, Gomoku, and Renju. The object of Chinese Chess is to capture the opponent's king, but it has even more intricacies and possibilities than traditional chess. In Gomoku, your goal is to get five game pieces in a row—easy at first, but more and more difficult as your opponent tries to do the same. Renju is a classic logic game that will challenge even the most savvy players. Each of these games is easy to learn, fun to play, and remarkably challenging. Whether you're just learning to play or you're a seasoned competitor, you'll find a level of play that's just right for you.

Chinese Chess Deluxe is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, and 8). Chinese Strategy Games is Windows compatible (including XP, 32-bit Vista, and 32-bit Windows 7).