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2 CD-ROM Set (Brain Bogglers / Brain Teaser)

Brain Bogglers – The 5 different activities in this product are all designed to improve problem-solving skills and be lots of fun. You'll complete 3D riddles and play puzzle games and numerical/form sequencing games. Different levels of difficulty ensure fun challenges for everyone. Although this product was especially designed to be fun for children, adults will also find it entertaining and challenging. As an added bonus, this CD-ROM is bilingual Spanish/English, so in addition to exercising the brain, it provides exposure to another language. We can all use a bit of brain exercise, and this product is the fun way to do it.

Brain Teaser is a collection of puzzles that range from easy to really, really difficult. Each puzzle starts with a picture that's created from matchsticks (i.e., stick figures of things). The challenge is to move a predetermined number of sticks to change the original picture into a totally different scene. This game is surprisingly creative and imaginative, and multiple levels of play make it suitable for everyone. This CD-ROM will definitely challenge your brain.

Brain Bogglers is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7 and 8).

Brain Teaser is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, and 7).