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Grand Canyon: Symphony of Stone DVD

Combining breathtaking cinematography with expert narration and meditative music, the Grand Canyon: Symphony of Stone DVD tells the fascinating story of the Grand Canyon-past, present, and future. Discover how the mighty canyon was created from stone, water, and time; understand the canyon's ongoing relationship with its neighboring peoples; and learn how to preserve its fragile ecosystem. Climb through a Pueblo ruin, discover millions of years of history in its rock walls, or watch as a year's worth of weather, light, and seasons pass through the canyon to create a stunning panorama. With 60-minutes of film including historical maps, dramatic time-lapse photographs, and rare footage from hard-to-reach locations, this award-winning documentary will let you see the canyon like never before. Bonus materials include 7 maps, geologic cross sections, trivia, resource links, and much more.

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