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The Essential Book for Dogs Over Five

A dog over five years of age needs special care to be kept safe, comfortable, and healthy. This one-of-a-kind book will provide you with a foundation of practical knowledge and creative solutions for your adult dog. It will enable you to take care of your pet's unspoken needs from today forward. You will learn three simple ways to help your dog live significantly longer, how to prevent the leading cause of disability in dogs, the best ways to prevent problems associated with aging, and the top ten health warning signs for your dog. Find out now what you need to know to help your dog live happier, healthier and longer. Learn best how to care for your dog through all stages of adult life. Your dog will thank you! Written by renowned veterinarian Tamara Shearer, D.V.M., this book is simply the single most important resource available for your mature dog. 
Technical Specifications: 252 pages, 14 illustrations, 86 chapters in 7 parts, 6 appendices. Softcover. Published in 2002.