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Alfred Hitchcock Classics Disc 1 DVD

Alfred Hitchcock Classics (Disc 1) — This collection shows the full range of Alfred Hitchcock's talents—from the silent movie to the classic mystery, to the popular classic TV shows. The first movie is The Lady Vanishes (1938, run time 96 minutes) a typical and very good Hitchcock classic. Next, The Farmer's Wife (1928, run time 128 minutes) and the Manxman (1929, run time 110 minutes) are both silent movies that show the beginnings of Hitchcock's techniques and genius. Finally, The Cheney Vase (1955, run time 25 minutes) and the Sorcerer's Apprentice (1961, run time 25 minutes) are two classic episodes from the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series. You will be impressed and entertained by this collection.