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Food Label Analyzer

The Comprehensive Label Analyzer provides information that is typically not found on food labels. It gives you important information on a variety of nutrients, including fat, cholesterol, sodium and protein, and it calculates the percentage of Calories from fat versus protein versus carbohydrates. It even calculates percentages of certain RDA's based on your personal characteristics (e.g., sex, age, etc.).


The Label Inspector deciphers both the ingredients list and the "Nutrition Facts" label. Have you ever wondered what some of those strange ingredients are doing in foods? Here are many of the answers. You may never look at a food label the same again after using this software.


This sodium screen is one of several information programs in Food Label Analyzer. For example, here you will learn that sodium is present in many ingredients that are added to foods for a variety of reasons. Also, in this Label Info section of Food Label Analyzer, you can see the government definitions of many food terms, including "lean" and "fat free." Would you be surprised to learn that "fat free" does not necessarily mean that the food contains no fat?

Windows compatible through Windows 10.

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