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Millennium Gamepak Gold CD-ROM

Millennium Gamepak Gold CD-ROM

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Millennium Gamepak Gold CD-ROM contains literally 50 entertaining and challenging games to provide you with virtually unlimited play. With an easy-to-browse menu, and impressive graphics, this collection is truly extraordinary. In case you're wondering, these are complete, functioning games, and no additional fees of any kind are required. Yes, this is a really good deal. The 50 games are divided into four categories. Here's what you get: Puzzle Games: Antwars, Booby Trap, Brain Buster, Detention, Egyptris, Krazy Kubes, Marble Mayhem, Matchup, Move 'Em, Podhopper, Slider, TIme Shift, Totally Tubular, Treasure Hunt, and Warship. Parlor Games: Blackjack, Freecell, Gin Rummy, Greedy Dice, Poker, Pull Tabs, Roulette, Scratch and Win, Slots, and Solitaire. Sports Games: Baseball Darts, Bowling, Bumper Boats, Darts 301, Dirt Rally 2000, FacePlant, Fishing Frenzy, Football, Puttz Creek, Snowboarding, Speedboat Attack, Soopah Swoosh, and Turkey Bowl. And, finally, Action Games: Bananajama, Bug Exterminator, Cat 'N' Mouse, Duck Shoot, Lunar Encounters, Nova Blast, Global Defender, Monster Madness, Space Lander, Space Penguins, Turtle Rush, and Worms Galore.

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).