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Learn Algebra 2 DVD

Learn Algebra 2 DVD – Here's your chance to learn algebra so fast and easy it'll seem like magic! The clear explanations and fun format make it simple, and you'll know a great deal of algebra when you're done. Specifically, you will learn: Relations and Squares and Square Roots, Radicals, Perfect Squares, Multiplying Binomials, The FOIL Method, Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic vs. Linear Equations, Quadratic Standard Form, Parabolas, Vertex, Y-intercept, Axis of Symmetry, Factoring Quadratic Equations, Reverse FOIL, Real & Single Roots, Quadratic Equations, Discriminants, Imaginary & Complex Numbers, Constants, Multiplying & Factoring Polynomials, Properties of Polynomial Graphs, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 95 minutes.

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