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Visual Language Learning: Spanish CD-ROM

Learning by association is extraordinarily effective, and that's the method used in Visual Language Learning: Spanish (CD-ROM). No reading skills are necessary to learn from this remarkable product. You simply click on illustrations in 15 different categories to learn common (and not-so-common) words and phrases. You'll be surprised how quickly your brain pairs Spanish-language words with familiar objects, people, places, and ideas. Learn basic words for Common Places (around the city, classroom, hospital, restaurant, supermarket, or house) and important Everyday Language words (money, clothing, numbers, weather, transportation, and more). You'll even learn Spanish words for family relationships by touring the family photo albums. And because the navigation interface is based on symbols, rather than words, even pre-reading children can use this product.

This CD-ROM is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).