2 DVD Set (Accounting 1 /Accounting 2)

2 DVD Set (Accounting 1 /Accounting 2)

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Accounting 1 (DVD)— This DVD teaches you the nuts and bolts of accounting—probably everything you ever wanted to know about accounting, and then some. The material is presented by actors and comedians in a humorous and straightforward way—it's remarkably entertaining and easy to follow.

Subjects include assets, liabilities, owner's equity, revenue, expenses, income statement, statement of changes in owner's equity, balance sheet, the accounting equation, accounting periods, accrual basis of accounting, t-accounts, debits and credits, general journal, general ledger, balance column format, posting to the ledger, adjusting the trial balance, contra accounts, closing entries, income summary, GAAP, business organizations, and much more. Total runtime is approximately 115 minutes. 

Accounting 2 (DVD) picks up where Accounting 1 left off. Subjects include calculating net sales, cost of goods sold, returns & allowances, discounts, freight-in, operating expenses, periodic inventory system, perpetual inventory system, net method, inventory errors, LIFO, FIFO, specific invoice method, weighted average method, accounting for current assets, internal control, voucher system, bank reconciliation, petty cash fund, uncollectible accounts, estimation of doubtful accounts, fixed percentage method, aging accounts receivable method, direct write-off method, notes receivable, interest, discounting a note receivable, accounting for current liabilities, notes payable, and much more.

Just like Accounting 1, this disk is presented in a straightforward but humorous way that makes learning fun and easy. You will be impressed with this product. Total runtime is approximately 110 minutes. You don't need to know anything to get started, but you'll know a great deal by the time you're finished.