4 CD-ROM Set (Lightweight Ninja /Diner Drop! /Block & Dock /Build City)

4 CD-ROM Set (Lightweight Ninja /Diner Drop! /Block & Dock /Build City)

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Why are ninjas so cool? Find out with Lightweight Ninja, a side-scrolling, action-adventure game that will remind you why you ever played games in the first place. Help Ty, the kid ninja, infiltrate the compound of Themis, overcome insurmountable odds, and (hopefully) complete his mission. The substantial plot will take you over a waterfall, through the woods, and from one level to the next, as you get deeper and deeper into this fun-filled odyssey. Meanwhile, battle the bad guys with paper airplanes, assorted nuts, and other wacky tools that only ninjas can wield. (See? I told you ninjas were cool.)

Diner Drop! gives a whole new meaning to the term "fast food". Burgers, donuts, hot dogs, coffee, and milkshakes are falling as fast as you can deliver them to the pick-up window. Don't fall behind, or you'll never catch up! This is a fun, funny, fast-paced game of skill that you'll enjoy for a long time to come.

Block & Dock is three different games (Dock It, Bow to Stern, & Map the Pier) with three environments each (Swamp, Lake, & Space Dock). Choose your level of difficulty, and get ready for some truly challenging fun. In each puzzle, there's a key piece that you need to move to the finish point by moving obstacles out of the way. The graphics are pleasing and the game is fun. This game is an ideal combination of strategy and entertainment.

Build City is the fun way to exercise your brain. Build your own houses, roads, farmland, schools, markets, and neighborhoods, and then control the tax rate, manage population growth, resources, and so much more. Track your progress through the status report, where you'll find information on your city's population, net immigration, taxes collected, maintenance costs, construction costs, net income, and more. This game is easy to play, but becomes increasingly complex. Three game modes offer different challenges and levels of difficulty.

This 4 CD-ROM Arcade Software Bundle is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).