3 CD-ROM Set (Cook'n Fix & Forget /Cook'n Hearty & Healthy /Cook'n Vegetarian)

3 CD-ROM Set (Cook'n Fix & Forget /Cook'n Hearty & Healthy /Cook'n Vegetarian)

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Fix and Forget features nearly 400 slow-cooked meals that take no time at all. With Fix & Forget all you do is quickly and easily combine ingredients in a crockpot or other slow cooker, and walk away. Hours later you'll have an unbelievable meal. Recipes include everything from appetizers and entrees to soups, breads, desserts, and even special holiday recipes. I guarantee you'll like this product.

Cook'n Hearty & Healthy contains more than 400 delicious recipes—the absolute best of healthy cooking from Betty Crocker. There's an analysis provided for each recipe, so it's easy to control virtually any aspect of your diet. You'll be amazed by the number of entrees that have fewer than 400 calories, remarkably little fat, and/or almost no carbohydrates.

Cook'n Vegetarian contains 375 vegetarian recipes that will change the way you think about fruits and vegetables. From gourmet entrees to refreshingly different salads and side dishes, this product has it all. There's even a wide selection of "almost-instant" recipes. You will be pleased with this product.

These 3 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10). Sorry, no Mac.