3 CD-ROM Set (Algebra Booster/Basic Statistics/Pre-Calculus)

3 CD-ROM Set (Algebra Booster/Basic Statistics/Pre-Calculus)

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Using a fun 3-D interface, these products give you the tools you need. Build math and physics skills quickly and easily, prepare for proficiency exams, and simply get ahead in class. Each CD-ROM features curriculum-based lessons designed by educators.

Get a firm grasp on key concepts with Speedstudy Algebra Booster. Gain a solid understanding of percentages, factorization, algebraic notation, geometric formulas, order of operations, polynomials, exponents, and more, as well as tips and tricks you won't learn in school. With easy-to-follow animated lessons, fast-paced game play, and a truly entertaining deep-space interface, this program will make serious learning feel like extra credit.

With Speedstudy Basic Statistics, you'll gain a solid understanding of statistical representations of data, probability concepts, random variables, descriptive and inferential statistics, frequency distributions, percentiles, graphs, permutations and combinations, as well as tips you won't learn in school. Understanding statistics is key to success in science, business, and other facets of life. See for yourself the advantage you have when you understand basic statistics.

Speedstudy Pre-Calculus is the ideal preparation for calculus. This product is designed to provide a solid foundation in the concepts and skills necessary to succeed in calculus. The curriculum-based lessons are designed by educators to help students every step of the way. You'll learn about functions, continuity, independent and dependent variables, functions as variation, the slope of a chord, techniques of finding limits, and other lessons critical to preparation for calculus.

These 3 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible, including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.