3 CD-ROM Science Advantage set

3 CD-ROM Science Advantage set

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Get ahead in high school and understand the world of science with these 3 CD-ROMs. Make your success happen now.

Get an advantage in the classroom starting with this Speedstudy Biology CD-ROM. These curriculum-based lessons are designed by educators to help students understand and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an engaging, interactive learning environment. This product is the ideal supplement for high school biology and is perfect for college preparation. It is the easy way to learn about molecules, cells and cell structure, metabolism, cell reproduction, genetics, taxonomy, ecology, human biology, and much more. If your goal is to understand biology and get better grades, then start right here.

Speedstudy Chemistry CD-ROM teaches you what you need to know about atoms, compounds, the concept of the mole, the periodic table, atomic structure and bonding, chemical equations, chemical reactions, and more. With 23 chapters, this information-rich program is key for both textbook studies and lab work. This product provides the foundation necessary to understand basic chemistry and beyond.

With Speedstudy Physics 1 CD-ROM, you'll learn about energy, force, gravity, dynamics, waves, forms, mass, motion, momentum, heat, sound, fluids, effects, machines, and linear and plane motion. Speedstudy Physics provides self-paced, interactive, and stimulating tutorials to give students a solid educational foundation designed to raise grades and test scores. Here's your chance to take the mystery and confusion out of this complex science.

These 3 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).