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2 Disc Set (Spanish: The Basics DVD /Immersion French CD-ROM)

2 Disc Set (Spanish: The Basics DVD /Immersion French CD-ROM)

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Spanish: The Basics (DVD)—You will be entertained by this product, and you'll learn an astonishing amount of Spanish. And because the material is presented by actors and comedians in a humorous and straightforward way, it's remarkably entertaining and easy to follow. You'll start with the Spanish alphabet and then learn lots of vocabulary, pronunciations, punctuation, and grammar. You'll learn everything from counting and personal greetings to verb conjugations, pronouns, and articles, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 90 minutes.

Immersion French (CD-ROM)—Learn French by hearing and seeing the language, while associating it with familiar pictures. You'll be immersed in the language and culture through Panoramic Immersion Scenes that allow you to zoom in and out, pan 360 degrees, and interact with everyday sights and background sounds. Whether you're a traveler hoping to learn a few phrases, a beginner needing an extra boost, or an experienced French speaker, Immersion French meets you at your level. With 17 special dictionaries (foods, signs & notices, clothing, etc.), 240 games in 30 subject categories, and of course thousands of words and phrases, this product will have you speaking French in no time! Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).