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Macroeconomics —Macroeconomics studies the behavior of our economy, everything from inflation and unemployment to growth and prosperity. With this DVD, you'll learn a tremendous amount about macroeconomics. Topics include: inflation, interest rates, investment, income & spending, money supply & creation, government spending, Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, frictional/structural/cyclical unemployment, exchange rates, disposable income, circular flow model, components of aggregate demand, consumption function, marginal propensity to consume, net exports, equilibrium GDP, effects of price levels, recessionary gap, inflationary gap, factors of aggregate supply, long & short run aggregate supply, aggregate equilibrium, fiscal policy, Keynesian economics, classical economics, supply-side economics, national debt & budget deficit, monetary policy, commodity & fiat money, M1 & M2, Fractional Reserve Banking, required & excess reserves, FDIC, money multiplier, and much more. This DVD is remarkably comprehensive, but it's fun and easy to understand. The material is presented by actors and comedians to ensure fun learning —you will be entertained and educated. Total runtime is approximately 135 minutes.

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