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The Ultimate Diet Toolkit

This book was displayed at the 1998 American Dietetic Association Annual Meeting/Exhibition. It is based on our four best-selling nutrition software programs (3,500,000 copies sold), providing instant access to key nutritional information and providing a set of the most important diet tools available. From calorie and exercise graphs to fat-control charts for grocery shopping, this book has the tools you need to better understand and manage your diet. Find out what food has 3000% more vitamin C than oranges (page 233) and which vegetables contain more calcium than milk (page 235). Learn which seafood is high in fat and cholesterol (pages 198-208) and find how much weight loss you can expect from exercise (pages 66-81). Use menu plans that give you a real choice in foods but won't leave you hungry (pages 11-65). Quickly and easily compare the nutritional content of different foods, identify low-calorie/ low-fat substitute foods, determine calories burned and weight loss from exercise, convert food-product labels into meaningful nutritional information, find foods high in certain vitamins and minerals, and much more.