The Third Syzygy - Softcover

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Hand signed by the author:  A trip to the art museum takes an unexpected turn, and Laney finds herself in a wilderness with no memory of her past. In a land where little is what it seems, she begins to accept the impossible as she seeks to find her purpose. But Laney’s journey is only the beginning. This groundbreaking young-adult fantasy bridges the gap between dreams and reality, and fear and courage. With adventure and suspense in two worlds and a separate climax in each, this journey to the edge of destiny and back is sure to delight and inspire readers from all walks of life. The Third Syzygy is marvelously illustrated by Michael Cheval, an internationally acclaimed artist whose paintings have been exhibited in the USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, and Turkmenistan.

Each copy of The Third Syzygy is individually printed here in the USA. Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%, and FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA. (214 pages, 37 illustrations, 10” x 7”)
  "A fine example of the quest story, beautifully illustrated.”—Kirkus Reviews