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High-Tech Pain Management for Pets

Low-level laser therapy is emerging as the new high-tech device of choice to treat a wide variety of aches and pains, injuries, and diseases. The low-level laser is not simply alternative medicine; it is high-tech medicine destined to play a major role in both human and veterinary care. Used by physicians in Europe for over thirty years, the low-level laser has recently gained approval by the FDA for certain human applications, and physicians and veterinarians throughout the United States are beginning to embrace this extraordinary technology.

This book is a manual for use of the low-level laser to treat pets. It is quite possibly the first such book in existence. Whether your focus is treating family pets or million-dollar race horses, this was written for you.

The author of this book, Dr. Tamara S. Shearer, is a nationally acclaimed veterinarian, winner of the Hartz® “Veterinarian of the Year ” award. Dr. Shearer uses low-level laser therapy on her patients and her pets (cats, dogs, horses and pot-bellied pigs).