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Emergency First Aid for Your Cat

Emergency First Aid for Your Cat

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Don't wait for a cat first aid emergency--be prepared. Emergency First Aid for Your Cat is a concise, handy reference that features life-saving, step-by-step instructions for virtually all cat first aid emergencies. It includes instruction for CPR, bleeding control, bite wounds, seizures, poisonings, choking, shock and much more. It details specific treatments for poisoning from 142 different types of plants (and yes, different plant poisons do require different treatments). It cross-references symptoms with problems and conditions to enable appropriate cat first aid in virtually any situation. This book even includes prevention techniques, and of course there is instruction for making your own cat first aid kit. (Note that commercial cat first aid kits typically include inadequate instruction, and many cat first aid kits are incomplete. Learn how to put together your own cat first aid kit--cheaper and better.) Buying this book and making your own cat first aid kit may be the most important thing you ever do for your pet.

Technical Specifications: 326 pages, 21 illustrations, 273 chapters/listings in 8 parts. Softcover.



  • 261 emergency cat first aid treatments and techniques: 77 problems, conditions and symptoms; 157 poison treatments, including toxic plants; 27 general techniques and procedures, treatments for miscellaneous situations, and treatments for diseases and conditions that can become emergencies.
  • Additional chapters on Prevention, The Cat First Aid Kit, Approaching an Emergency, Restraint, Transportation, and Special Considerations.
  • 6 Appendices—Lost Pet Information, Medical Health Records, Emergency Worksheet, Normal Vital Signs for Cats, Preventive Health Care, and Physical Examination.