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Human 3D 2 CD-ROM set

Human 3D Reference Collection (2 CD-ROM set) is simply the best tool available for viewing systems of the human body. This product has a virtual imaging function that enables you to select a body system (e.g., skeleton, muscles, various organs, etc.) and then highlight an area of the body to view. This virtual recreation of various layers of the human body is not only fascinating, but also provides an instant context and location for whatever you're studying. In addition, the advanced VR technology in this product enables you to see 3D animations and videos, and even change the viewing angle of the 3D graphics. Also there are of course fully detailed drawings, like what you would find in the finest anatomy textbooks. This product features 9 guided tours: Structure of the Human Body, Systems of the Human Body, Cell Physiology, Locomotor System, All About the Head, Overview of Organ Systems, Digestive System, Life Cycle, and Medical Devices. This is an informative and comprehensive product that I guarantee you'll like.

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.)